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where to get key battery...

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do we have to goto the dealer to get our battery in our flip key replaced? and how long should the battery last? i have had mine for 14500 miles and the key i use all the times' battery is dead... can you just pick up a battery from Radio Shack? and if so, whats the size?
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Re: where to get key battery... (turborave)

Re: where to get key battery... (turborave)

how long should they last?
Re: where to get key battery... (turborave)

quote:[HR][/HR]how long should they last?
I have have 16500 miles on my 2001, and i use my remote all of the time aswell. so far so good
Re: where to get key battery... (jettanjax)

grr... only 14500 on mine... i am using my other flip key till i can get that one fixed.
Re: where to get key battery... (turborave)

It's pretty easy to replace the batteries yourself (I did, so that says a lot right there). The key fob actually takes two CR1620 batteries (3V). I picked mine up at Radio Shack for about $2 each. I'll try to give you a pictureless how-to real quick.....
First, you need a small flathead screwdriver, and you want to gently pry apart the two halves of the key fob, where the little notch is (on side with no buttons, with the VW emblem). Just put the screwdriver in that notch and gently twist until the two halves come apart. Now you'll have two parts: one half with the buttons and one half with the actual metal key. The batteries are in the button half.
All you have to do to get to the batteries is this: put your two thumbs on either side of the slot where the metal key rests when it's in the closed position (you'll see what I mean once you get the key fob into the button and key halves), and just push until it opens up. There's even a little picture in there to show you how the batteries go in. Trust me, it's easy. When you're done, everything just painlessly snaps back together.
I had no problems whatsoever when I was done -- no problems with the car receiving signals from the key fob or anything. I didn't need any reprogramming or anything by the dealer, so don't let that scare you. Hope this helps -- feel free to post any additional questions you might have! Good luck!
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Re: where to get key battery... (JohnJP27)

Jeez, I've got almost 40k on my car and I beep the remote all the time for my friends because they think it's funny. I use that thing to DEATH and the batteries haven't run out.
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Re: where to get key battery... (dorkgirl)

grr... i hope its just the battery...
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