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where to hook up a boost gauge??

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where did u hook up your boost gauge...my car doesnt have any spare hook ups on thr inlet...should i "t" piece one of em
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Re: where to hook up a boost gauge?? (pigbladder)

There is a vacuum line that goes into the back of the gauge cluster, tap into that. There are other places that you could use but this one is already inside the cabin. This question comes up weekly, that is why no one has answered you yet. In the future use the search function at the top right of the screen before posting, it sucks sometimes but usually you can find what you're looking for after a few tries.
Re: where to hook up a boost gauge?? (LysholmG60)

does it make a differant reading ,depending on where the pipe is hooked up?like behind dash /engine bay/inlet etc
Re: where to hook up a boost gauge?? (pigbladder)

It shouldn't matter where in the system you splice (with the exception of the ecu line).
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