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I called VW & asked where can I pick up some tranny fluid for my 337, because most of the newer imports are very specific about what you use now a days. They said, "here". I don't live very close to a VW dealership, so they said that they could order some & Fedex it over my way. Nice. I asked if there is any where else I could pick this stuff up @. They replied "No". That struk me as a little strange.
One more thing, I always followed the rule of thumb that after 50k mi, you change the trany fluid. In the couple times I called VW about doing this I have heard (from the technitions) "Oh no, not untile 60,000"/ "Oh no, not untile 80,000"/ & "Oh no, not untile 100,000.
I still change my oil @ 3,000 when they say 5,000, just because I'm used to older cars. Do I listen to their suggestions or keep doing things my way?
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