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Which direction do you turn/twist...

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to remove the headlight bulbs when standing facing the grill/windshield? Twist toward the center of the car or the side of the car? Is it the same for both driver and passenger sides? I just got the Sylvania Silverstar and can't wait to put them on. I dont want to break anything, though. I'll post the result and photos if I can(I left my camera at home)
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Re: Which direction do you turn/twist... (nycamc)

i'm not sure which way to turn it, but it's the plastic ring outside the entire housing that you're twisting not the bulb. try one way lightly (it should twist) and if not, just try the other way ... just don't do it too hard and you won't break anything ... i did the same when i changed to cool blues about 3 weeks ago ... and i'll probably do the same when switching to silverstars

hope that helps :thumpup:
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