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Which midsize SUV?

  • Acura RDX Type S

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Audi SQ5

    Votes: 5 15.2%
  • BMW X3 M40i

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • Cadillac XT5 Sport

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Genesis GV70 3.5T

    Votes: 9 27.3%
  • Mercedes AMG GLC 43

    Votes: 2 6.1%
  • Volvo XC60 Recharge

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Does it even matter?

    Votes: 10 30.3%
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The SQ5 seems like it's aging fast and Audi makes you choose between ventilated seats and diamond stitched seats, they won't let you have it all which is enough of a turn off to cross it off the list...don't make me choose at that price point, I want it all. They might still be building cars without blind spot monitoring and other stuff too, so it might also be half baked.

The current GLC is good looking but the interior is horribly outdated and claustrophobic due to the comically massive and unergonomic center stack and as mentioned, being replaced...problem is it'll probably be a full year before you see a new one on the road, let alone a 43. Not to mention price gouging, inevitable new model issues and recalls, so may as well forget that. No Burmester audio on the current model due to supply chain, so if that matters to you, cross this one off the list too. Also owning a new Mercedes, the MBUX sucks imo. Too finicky/sensitive little touch pads on the steering wheel, too much crap in the UI/bad layout, and the climate controls (which are actual buttons) take forever to get up and responding when you start the car, which is annoying.

BMWs are just stale imo. Ugly interior design, exterior looks bloated and overweight.

GV70 is probably objectively the best car in the class, but the handling can be better and the Koreans always have to do some weird bull**** with the C/D pillar and/or window trim. The quarter window area is a mess on these imo, but these are really nice vehicles otherwise.

Cadillac looks terrible and who really pines for an Acura? Volvo is just ok I guess...also getting kind of stale.

I guess I'd either go GV70 or Volvo if you can't wait/won't pay through the nose for the next GLC...but I'd want to know what the UI is going to be like in the new Benz, if it's carryover, no thanks. In the end though it would really depend how half baked each of these cars are, I don't like the idea of paying $50, $60, $70k for a car with missing features due to supply chain issues so I'd want to know exactly what I might be giving up with each model.
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