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Which model to buy?

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Just got back from driving the new beetle. I got to drive the 1.8 Turbo gas model and the turbo diesel, both standard shifts. I really liked the extra power of the gas model but really could get use to the 50 mpg diesel.
Anyone out there that has the gas model that wished that they had gone with the diesel or vice versa?
Was told that the only difference in the 2002 models was a change in the cup holders, nothing else. Is this true?
Tomorrow is the last day of the month. What should I expect to get off of the sticker on a 2001 vs a 2002? Color most likely silver or red.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Re: Which model to buy? (Carroll Floyd)

2002 cupholders changed to the swivel style, also, no sunglass holder (easy to install), new emblems (eliminates trunk swivel lock), new wheels (16" alloys only). That's pretty much it..
Plus, the bumper-to-bumper warranty is now 4years/50,000 miles with a 5years/60,000 miles powertrain warranty versus the '01 2yr/24k B2B and 10yr/100k powertrain.
Also, how much driving do you do on an average basis? Are you concerned more with efficiency or performance? How much do you want to spend total? If you want the efficiency with a little more kick, get the GLS TDI and add a powerbox to it. This would boost your power to around 115hp (same as 2.0L) and 185+ lb/ft of torque, and you retain the excellent fuel econ.


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Re: Which model to buy? (Carroll Floyd)

quote:[HR][/HR]Originally posted by Carroll Floyd:
What should I expect to get off of the sticker on a 2001 vs a 2002? Color most likely silver or red.[HR][/HR]​
I negotiated for my mom's silver NB 1.8T back in February. $300 over invoice with free tint, 3M stonegard (clearbra), and 6-disk CD changer.
EDIT: if you check out http://www.edmunds.com they have all the invoice prices for the car and all of the options.

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Re: Which model to buy? (BoraVR6)

On the 2002 TDI the interval to change the timing belt is 80K miles on both manual trans. and automatic. The interval on 2001 and earlier was 40K automatic and 60K manual.
I say get the TDI.
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