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which modem lines?

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well i'm asking various of people about server lines.. i need to get a new one.. i am currently on qwest but they are selling to msn and the services will suck.. 10 hours a month.. and 1.50 per hour afterwards... plus long distance crap... soo i need some feeback on other services... i'm thinking of att cable thing.. i am not sure yet..
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Re: which modem lines? (eurorider)

AT&[email protected] works well for me
$40 a month
Static IP
500KB/s down (constant), 18KB/s up (ick, got capped a year and a half ago
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Re: which modem lines? (matt007)

thanks.. i was thinking of switching to them... any more from other people?
Re: which modem lines? (eurorider)

quote:[HR][/HR]thanks.. i was thinking of switching to them... any more from other people?[HR][/HR]​
LOVE @home......heres some homework for you...
So given that 128kbps is about 15KB.......
@home is 650KB...not kbps download.
All you have to do is ask any provider(being that it be DSL) how much it would cost you for a 3MB download. When they tell you how much it would cost(hopefully they wont laugh at you)[email protected] is the only logical answer. @home is thee BEST!!!!!!!!
I download like a MO FO so 40 bucks to aint nothin.......I guess it all depends on what kind of user you are.
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