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1999 a4 quattro 1.8t automatic

Bought cheap, owner claimed the trans dumped its fluid.
I was unable to find any trans related leak!! There is a big oil filter leak, but Its just a loose oil filter.
But the trans DOES make a loud whining noise!
idles fine in all gears.

So far:
Replaced trans filter.
Checked trans oil. (Fine)
Examined trans lines (fine)
Checked front diff oil (down half a quart?)
Checked middle diff oil (fine)
Ps fluid (fine)
Brake fluid(fine)
Washer fluid(fine)
Coolant (fine)
Engine oil(fine)
Found engine oil filter loose and leaking (made it hard to find the trans leak with oil everywhere).
Broken pass cv boot
Broken drovers tierod boot

Car starts fine and idles
Trans makes whining noise, Sounds like coming from above trans oil pan area
Maybe The pass diff front is the culprit? But i cant find the source of a leak on it?
It is wet in places however.
I'm thinking that the pass. cv boot maybe damaged the axle then vibration caused the pass. front diff. to leak?
could there be diff-trans seal that broke and leaked diff fluid into the trans? Because I can't find a trans related leak anywhere. But the trans does make noise!
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