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Who did I see...

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Any of you driving a lowered White A3 Jetta this morning on the 101 N to the 202? I was in the red G60...
Just wondering...I tried to play, but stupid traffic wouldn't let me...
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Re: Who did I see... (Hijinx)

Did it have black wheels?
Re: Who did I see... (Spd33)

I don't think so. But, I couldn't tell for sure. I could still barely see, ya know, it being morning at all, (takes me about 4 hours to fully wake up).
it was around 6:45 or so....
Re: Who did I see... (Hijinx)

Just curious b/c a buddy of mine recently sold a white a3 VR6 with black wheels. Think the kid lived no the west side though. - Andy
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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