Vinyl is in, and we’re not talking about tight pants or the way records have suddenly pulled a righteous comeback. The sticky, self-healing exterior treatment for cars gives owners nearly unlimited possibilities with what they can do to transform the look of their ride.

We checked in with the thread “Who else has wrapped their GTI” to get a real-world look at how forum members are re-imagining their Golfs. It’s the perfect place to get ideas if you’re thinking a wrap could be the thing for your car, with a wide variety of styles and colors represented.

What’s in a Wrap?

A sticker for my car, you say? If you think that sounds like it could look tacky, don’t be turned off, this isn't the kind you stick on your bumper.

Wraps are made out of a vinyl material that’s exceptionally resilient and closely resembles a real paint job on your car. For a paint job of similar quality, you would have to pay double or even triple the price of a wrap, and the vinyl lasts for around two years. Many shops will warranty their work for even longer .

Unlike paint, wraps are easy to apply and repair. They can allow you to transform your car's look for a short or long stint. Some owners even use them to protect brand-new paint until they resell a car, or even give it a matte finish . So how are VWV forum users wrapping their GTIs?

Bumblebee, Eat Your Heart Out

Chevy may be selling the hell out of yellow Camaros, but while their owners are driving around peering through that pillbox of a windshield trying to see, user AWDVWMAN01 will be enjoying a tastefully wrapped yellow and black MK7 GTI .

The gloss yellow wrap contrasts nicely with the car’s black wheels. To complete the look, the owner left the hood painted in matte black. Page 2 shows another yellow wrap in a more coppery hue. This one is 3M’s Gloss Lemon Sting product.

Remember the Nardo

User ArsinGTI did a full-body wrap in Gloss Rainstorm Grey. The reference in the post is, alas, not an homage to the obscure supercar from the oughts, but rather a shade of grey the GTI comes in. This car's owner did the job himself, and it looks great lowered over black wheels.

Low Profile

Another great example from this thread belongs to user navindralr , who picked out a discreet shade of olive drab that makes their GTI look like a compact urban assault vehicle. Again, the black and red accents lend themselves remarkably well to customization, with the car's roof sporting an all-black look.

Check out the rest of the thread for more sweet wraps , and feel free to add your own as well!