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Who has 25Y Anniv pedals?

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Do you have 25Y Anniv pedals? Help me out...

The pedals on my 02 GTI are too far apart for good heel/toe (my 97 VR6 pedals were perfect, btw!!!). As a fix, are the 25Y Anniversary pedals a little "wider"? --- Or, can they (brake and gas) be mounted off-center, making them closer?
I would be in for another GB for the pedals, as the current one http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=232898 is full.

[Modified by clavin, 3:58 PM 2-6-2002]
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Re: Do you have 25Y Anniv pedals? Help me out... (clavin)

I just put them on...
No difference whatsoever. It's purely a cosmetic modifcation. It doesn't make heel-toeing any easier, unfortunately.
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