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Who has not used the "special tool" for a 5th?

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I've got the .76 5th gear ready to go except have no idea how to get the shift fork off without the special tool. I know it can be done but I can't find anyone who can give directions on what to use or do. Even a website that describes it would be helpful. If someone out there knows this procedure please post.
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Re: Who has not used the "special tool" for a 5th? (8416V)

I've used a set of needle-nose pliers and a pair of vice-grips. Put the 'prongs' of the pliers into the groves in the retainer, and then hold them in place w/ the vice-grips. Then use the vice-grips to turn the handle. You can probably make a tool by sacraficing a socket of the correct diameter. Just grind off enough of the socket to leave the two prongs that you need.
Re: Who has not used the "special tool" for a 5th? (millerwj)

That sounds good, I think I will try the socket idea. Thanks for posting.
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