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Re: Who has replaced their head gasket? (speed51133)

Get a copy of the Bentley manual and read head R&R section a few times. Make a list of the stuff you should change while you've got everything apart. Like:
Gaskets, head, manifiolds, valve cover etc.
Camshaft oil seal
Timing belt and tensioner (if not recently changed)
Serp belt, power steering v belt (if not recently changed)
Spark plugs & wires (ez to change while manifold is off, unless just done)
You should allow a full day to do this job right, include cleaning deposits out of cyl head and tops of pistons. If you clean piston tops, make sure you allow no carbon particles to fall into crack between pistons and cly walls, carbon can score cyl walls. Old trick is to put piston you're going to clean at TDC then fill crack with heavy grease B4 cleaning. Grease will trap carbon and hold it, you just run piston down after cleaning and wipe up grease with all the carbon particles in it. As far as timing goes, my trick there is to mark a notch on the belt and corresponding gear tooth on each gear (cam, crank, intermediate shafts). Then transferr the marks from the old belt to new (if you're changin belt) line up the marks on install and you've got dead nuts on timing every time (pun intended)...just make sure you don't flip belt over...keep it in the same relation to engine (mark engine side of belt to be sure). Good luck! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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