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Who here has Fk Coilovers?

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In the next few weeks I am about to get some Fk coilovers(height adj only) and I am planning on installing them in my
garage. I have a few questions:
1. Does the top front strut nut require a VW special tool? or can I use an socket?
2. I know Fks come already assembled but do i need to take them apart to install the strut bearings?
3. For the front all I need to replace is the strut bearing. What do I need to replace on the rears? I noticed they have
supports, strut bearings, mounting ring(rubber that seems to mate the bearing).
4. Do I need to disassemble the old struts to use anything on them?
5. Are Fk Height Adjustable worth getting or are fully the way to go?
6. On a hammer rating how hard will it be (10 being headgasket and 1 being oil change)?
Any pictures will help greatly!!
Thanks in Advance.
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Re: Who here has Fk Coilovers? (VWsuperhero)

ive got FKs and i can see you into them with new strut bearings for around 700
Re: Who here has Fk Coilovers? (VRSIX POWER)

ps.. replace everything.. dont mess around or you'll end up with blow front bearings.. make sure to use vr6 they are super heavy duty.. in the back upgrade from rubber to poly.. ps good luck.. it way easy.. get airtools.. its a snap..
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