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Who here has Fk Coilovers?

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In the next few weeks I am about to get some Fk coilovers(height adj only) and I am planning on installing them in my
garage. I have a few questions:
1. Does the top front strut nut require a VW special tool? or can I use an socket?
2. I know Fks come already assembled but do i need to take them apart to install the strut bearings?
3. For the front all I need to replace is the strut bearing. What do I need to replace on the rears? I noticed they have
supports, strut bearings, mounting ring(rubber that seems to mate the bearing).
4. Do I need to disassemble the old struts to use anything on them?
5. Are Fk Height Adjustable worth getting or are fully the way to go?
6. On a hammer rating how hard will it be (10 being headgasket and 1 being oil change)?
Any pictures will help greatly!!
Thanks in Advance.
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