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Who Makes Bigger Valves?

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Cylinder Head Help!!

I have a a 92' 8v digifant and I was wondering what are the biggest valves I can go with and where can I get them???
I want to get the new seats in before I start porting, but I want to put bigger valves so at this point I'm stuck untill I find bigger valves.
Any Information would help.

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Re: Who Makes Bigger Valves? (German Engineered)

I know that I can get 42mm intake and 34mm exhaust from Autotech but the prices are a little high.
Re: Who Makes Bigger Valves? (German Engineered)

Well, I've done a bunch of research and found that it might be in my best interest to keep the stock valve size. I might go with the shorter valve guide and have the valve stems turned down a bit to increase the velocity. I think this is what they did on the small stem head from Autotech.
I guess my next question is where are the best prices for the stock valve train minus the springs (getting high lift springs) just the basic stuff?
I have access to a flow bench so I will try to get some pics during the process.
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Re: Who Makes Bigger Valves? (German Engineered)

Re: Who Makes Bigger Valves? (German Engineered)

The biggest the head will alwow is 42mm intake/ 35mm exhaust. Becarful with the shorter stems, they wear-out alot quicker. And alot of places around where I live don't like to put them in. May be different where you live. Autotech, Eurospec sports, Techtonics also sell them.
Re: Who Makes Bigger Valves? (CARVER)

I got tried of looking and the prices are way out of line i am using the bmw 7mm stem ones and getting them cut shorter
and having the keeper groves cut cheaper than what i can buy the others for and the guids do wear faster but i tell the
customer and leave it up to them but you can take .250 off and they dont seem to wear any faster than the stock ones do.
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