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For some time I have been desiring a courtesy light module so the unlock feature will turn on the parking lights and tail lights, and they will stay on for 15-30 seconds or until the car is locked again. Same with when the key is taken out of the ignition. Pretty much just like the audi's, and should be simple through VAGCOM or a flash module. It would be as simple as running the parking lights and tails on the same circuit as the interior courtesy lights.
The one time use module for window roll up/dwn by key fob is currently available from ECS is $59 and I am gauging interest to see if this is something worthwhile for ECS or another company to produce/sell.

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Re: Who would be interested? (brettnyt)

Sounds pretty cool. I can't say I'm not interested. The window module isn't made by ECS though, it's made by this guy. AFAIK he only has access to Chinese market cars, but it worked for the window module so who knows. I'd contact him about it.

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Re: Who would be interested? (ThatGuyRyan)

to answer your: yes I'd buy something like this. Not this. I like my lights to be off or on as I control, You know for sneak attacks on the unsuspecting. but still something I might buy, I just would not.

i bought the KV100, love that mod.

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Re: Who would be interested? (Harepower)

VW themselves already sell what you seek.
The Skoda Superb (Octavia I) has a coming home light feature which is just a simple relay that gets wired into some of the car circuits.
It doesn't work all the time, you have to activate your lights by just flipping the high beam switch when you are parking. The lights then stay on for a number of seconds while you walk away from the car.
It doesn't work off the remote so you cannot flick the lights on when you approach the car.... however it may be possible to hook the whole thing up to a remote signal somehow.
If you want some exterior lights to work from the remote Skoda come to the rescue again with some "puddle lights" that sit under the mirror. They are hooked into the interior light circuit so when you unlock the car they come on, and they fade away like the interior light when you shut the door.
The Skoda mirror housing are identical to the full size mirrors on the Golf - that is the only model mirror they fit.
Here are some pics and part numbers in this thread:
I am looking at both items on my desk as we speak.

There is an aftermarket Coming/Leaving Home module sold on this site from Germany. This is what you are actually requiring I think. They also have the circuit diagrams for download as well if you want to make your own:

...or you can buy a ready made one:

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