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Who's got light wheels?

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I'm posting this in the 2.0L forum because as you all know we've got the now obsolete 4x100 bolt pattern (up until '99). I'm definately buying some new wheels and rubber this spring but have'nt really found anything I like. One of my main criteria is that they be light but not outrageously expensive. Unfortunately Tirerack and Discount Tire don't think that their customers are interested the weight of wheels. Anyone out there have some numbers for light 15" and 16" wheels.
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Re: Who's got light wheels? (Volkschnell)

I hear good things about rota wheels. 16"s are like 14 lbs a piece and... about a buck-twenty.
I have this place bookmarked, but I know you can find them all over now.
I'm going to get some 16" slipstreams in March.
Re: Who's got light wheels? (za'afiel)

Thanks for the link! I never thought about looking outside the Volksie community. Great prices!
Re: Who's got light wheels? (Volkschnell)

yeah, they're for everyone, but the miata guys seem to like them a lot. "slapshotnerd" has a set on his golf and I talked to him a while back about them. He loves em, highly recommended them to me.
Also, you can usually find them up on ebay new, but you have to search for "spoon" because they're spoon knock-offs.
But hey, they're strong(enough), light and cheap. everything I want.

And, I'd check up at http://www.groupbuycenter.com/default.asp for package deals. They seem to offer them alot. Kinda rice, but I registered anyway.
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Re: Who's got light wheels? (Volkschnell)

9lbs 14" BBS Miata rims on the Cabby. Total weight of about 26-27lbs with tire, down from 39-40 of the old 17's or the oem steelies. BTW, 4x100s are far from obsolete, most of the popular honda's are as well. So we won't run out of options any time soon.
Re: Who's got light wheels? (Cabdriver)

I'd get the 15" Kosei K-1 Racing rims from tirerack with a set of Bridgestone S02 Polepositions. They're the best bang for you buck. Extremely lightwieght and strong rims, and the S02's are light and stick like an R compound tire. This is the setup all the 4x100 people use here at the local road course.
Re: Who's got light wheels? (Fast2.0L)

Obsolete no more, I've heard the new mini's are 4 X 100, just wait a bit and us 2.0's should have options galore.
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Re: Who's got light wheels? (ig_88e)

Mini -- drooooolllll
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Re: Who's got light wheels? (WolfGTI)

I guess I'm not the only one lusting after the mini.
My girlfriend just does'nt get it.
Out of the box suspension and and handling characteristics are supposed to be outrageous.
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