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why is my insuarnce so HIGH??

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hi guys,
my wife and i just bought a 94 passat GLX for her. we love it, but why is the insurance so darned high? when we were shopping for cars, we asked our ins agent to compare the ins costs of other cars like civic, accord, camary, but the vw was consistantly ~$400 higher per year.
now, it is a lot more car for the money - basically a luxury car for under $9k. i mean, it's got leather and all the amenities, so is that why it's so high? or are they expensive to fix or something?
anyone else have high ins with their 'dub? any insights?
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Re: why is my insuarnce so HIGH?? (frostwhite92)

Sort of... the GLX are considered low priced luxury. Also, dubs in general are very popular with thieves... or at least, they have that rep to the insurance companies!! Also, the cost of the parts in general is higher on european cars than asian imports or domestics. Hit a post with a 40K$ 4-door sedan with 180hp... You'll pay more for parts for the same relative amount of damage if it's a VW than if it's a Honda or a Toyota... so insurance companies factor this in your premium.
Funny thing happened when I insured mine... I called up my insurance company and asked them to insure my G60 syncro... I was sure it would cost me an arm and a leg because the car was the top of the line VW before the VR6 came out, it's a rare model and parts are expensive as hell... Turns out the lady on the phone had no idea what I was talking about, she had no listing whatsoever for a Passat G60... So she told me she would have to ask me a bunch of questions to find out exactly how much it would cost... here's how it went:
-2 door or 4???
-4 door sedan...
-What engine??
-What is that, how many cylinders??
-What size??
-1.8 liters...
No need to add anything else... my car is a 1.8L fat assed sedan!!! That thing should hardly be able to move itself... insurance price went down quite a bit!!

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