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why is my insuarnce so HIGH??

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hi guys,
my wife and i just bought a 94 passat GLX for her. we love it, but why is the insurance so darned high? when we were shopping for cars, we asked our ins agent to compare the ins costs of other cars like civic, accord, camary, but the vw was consistantly ~$400 higher per year.
now, it is a lot more car for the money - basically a luxury car for under $9k. i mean, it's got leather and all the amenities, so is that why it's so high? or are they expensive to fix or something?
anyone else have high ins with their 'dub? any insights?
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Re: why is my insuarnce so HIGH?? (G60syncro)

quote:[HR][/HR]No need to add anything else... my car is a 1.8L fat assed sedan!!! That thing should hardly be able to move itself... insurance price went down quite a bit!!
Haha, that rocks!
Anyway, just to compare, I pay $60/mth for my 91 16v SW, and fer my 01 New Beetle I pay $80!
So $20/mth diff x 12 mth's = $240/yr! Figure only $240 a year cheaper for a car ten years older, ya dubbs are costly to insure! Just be glad you dont drive a VR6 GTI. A friend just bought one this week, I couldn't afford the insureance and payments on that car!!!
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