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My only arguement, and why I didn't go with the charger, is for the cost(over$3000) for the charger and then money to install, chip, whatever, depends on what you can do yourself. I am putting in a fully built 16Vt motor in for the same in parts costs comparibly. I understand that I am putting in custom piping which if you can't do yourself can be expensive, but still the over all end result will be much more fun to drive. Alos, with standalone, only thing I need to do down the road is add more fuel and bigger turbo and faster car.

In relationship to lag, a good hybrid turbo will cost far less than the charger as well.

Like the one guy said earlier in the thread, its a lot to say "how much power for how much money"

I'm not a rocket scientist so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Also not bashing BBM or their charger/products, as I bought their fuel rail to use with my setup :thumbup:
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