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Every new Lysholm we have sold has come with a full one year warranty. We started this kit back in 1998 so many are getting very old with high mileage. Since 1998 we have replaced or repaired very few 1 in about 100 or only about 1%

If you have a BBM supercharger that is 4+ years old with high miles or over driven and raced. It is a really good idea to have it rebuilt by us and start a new fresh life with all new bearings and seals.

If you have a turbo or a supercharger...if you take good care with proper installation / maintenance they take good care of you. Many have gone over 100,000 miles and 100's are still out there boosting cars all around the world.

It is crazy hard for me to believe that we have had this kit out now for nearly 14 years

Do you still support these kits? I mean do you rebuild the lysholm that you sold 14 years ago?
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