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Why will it idle fine at start but shut off at stops once i drive?????

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I don't GET IT!! I get in the car after adjustin the idle tonight thinkin it was to low, so i open it up a bit and its purring like a kitten for real. I'm lovin it, so i go for a drive to test my luck to see if i fixed the problem.
The car drops to 2-300 now when i come to the first stop. Darnit!! Pull out run for about 2 miles come to another stop sign and engage the clutch tach drops, drops and shuts off everytime the rest of the night when i came to a stop

What in the hell is the problem and how can i fix it? I turned the idle basically all the way open but it seems it can't hold an idle after gettin driven, or in my old digifant mk2 jetta i know that shut off when the idle stabilizer went bad but what goes bad in these that causes them not to hold an idle??
Please please help!!! It drives strong as hell, doesn't hesitate once he gets rollin but damnit come time to stop.....gotta start back up

BTW will the downpipe having a pretty extreme exhaust leak (and barely connected to the cat
) affect its idle? I don't think it would simply because when i first got it, it never did this till 2 weeks later, and it idles perfect at starts so what gives???

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Re: Why will it idle fine at start but shut off at stops once i drive????? (BadasslilGTI)

Bingo, you should have said that before.
The O2 sensor is probably not getting a proper reading at idle becuase of the exhaust leak. As you add more air it gets worse. Fix the leak.
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