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Wierd noise-thumping

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ok i have a 89 glof gti, i changed the tie rods, and ball joints, a while ago, and got it alighned, but the alighnment is out again, but thats no biggy, but when i am driving and makings a slow progressive turn right or left, i get a "clicking" noise from the front end, i can almost feel the "pulsing" in the floor, what could be causing this, and where can i get the parts cheapest
thanks, joe
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Re: Wierd noise-thumping (JoeM29)

You can replace the CV's without replacing the entire axle. But it's easier to just do the whole axle at once. To check the cv's, first of all, check the boots (which you say are fine) for tears. Then push up and down on the axle just before the outer joint. See if there's any play. If you wanna get really picky, you can take off the cv and clean it out and inspect it for any grooves or nicks in the metal. When ur driving, turn the wheel all the way to the left and right and drive forward slowly and see if there's any clicking.
Forgot to mention, do the same pushing up and down test on the inner cv joint as the outer joint.

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