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Wierd noise-thumping

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ok i have a 89 glof gti, i changed the tie rods, and ball joints, a while ago, and got it alighned, but the alighnment is out again, but thats no biggy, but when i am driving and makings a slow progressive turn right or left, i get a "clicking" noise from the front end, i can almost feel the "pulsing" in the floor, what could be causing this, and where can i get the parts cheapest
thanks, joe
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Re: Wierd noise-thumping (JoeM29)

clickign on turns?
check ur cv's?
Re: Wierd noise-thumping (JoeM29)

the cv is the axel i beleive
but u can change a 1/2 axel just which is broken..
check ur cv boots
see if theya re intact
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