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wierd surge in high gear on stage 1 gti... lease almost up, buy or trade?

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So I have a real nice condition 08 GTI that I leased 3 years ago. Car looks almost flawless and runs great, but sometimes half throttle in high gears it will lunge when boost builds up. Its a DSG so I'm not sure if the trans is broken, or if the chip is causing over boost and the car is blowing it off etc? I've read something about a diverter valve? Could this be failing and making the car do this? The tach doesn't fluctuate but to me it feels like the clutch is slipping and grabbing... Hard to explain, just hoping someone can help.

Wide open it doesn't do it ever, and shifts are quick and precise, its just rolling into it in sixth and sometimes fifth at about 3k rpm which is torque peak I guess kind of like if u just want to pass someone quickly. Half to 3/4 throttle situations boost will build then car shakes. Lol. Is this an easy fix or should I trade it?
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hmm...initially i thought clutch but if you're saying it doesn't happen at WOT then maybe it's something else?

try some 4/5/6 gear rips from 2km rpm and see if you get any distinct clutch slippage

what software is the car running? can you switch it into stock mode and see if the same thing happens?
I can torch the tires all day, it doesn't have this stutter unless I'm going 65 to 80 on highway at exactly 3 to 3500 in fifth or sixth and rollinto throttle and hold the accelerator constant. If u roll into it and keep giving it gas it won't do it. AFAIK it did not do this when I had it chipped, its something that has gotten worse over the last few months. Car is dsg with apr tune, stock air box and exhaust. Tune can't be changed because apr couldn't figure out how to swap tunes on the cruise stawk, so I stopped going back to the shop that wasted hours of my life for a simple install. Lol
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