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[Update:] Thanks Lidberg for hosting!!
I got this idea after seeing some physics class use the wiimote in some kinda pendulum experiment.
Why not use the wiimote's built in 3-axis accelerometers to measue g-forces, acceleration and even calculate my own 0-60mph times!
So I did. I wrote a script to dump all the g-force readings from the wiimote to a comma separated value file, then did some post processing in MS Excel, and voila, I can see every bump, every curve, my acceleration and braking, and even calculated my current speed using high school physics (v=a*t)
I even convinced my coworker to take me out in his E46 M3 to measure his SMG's performance

I admit, it's not super accurate since the wiimote spits out G readings rounded to two decimal places. It also provides other acceleration readings in finer granularity, but I couldn't figure out what metric it was recording in. I used Gs since I knew it was just the acceleration of gravity (9.8 m/s/s).
Here's a copy of the script that dumps everything out to output.txt
All you need is Glovepie v0.29, a Bluetooth dongle with BlueSoleil, the Human Interface Device drivers, and a standalone wii remote!
All the basic instructions on how to get your wii remote connected to your PC can be found here:

If anybody wants my excel spreadsheet with the formulas and graphs, you can find it here:
//Glovepie v0.29 script
//Writes motion data to file
OutputToFile(RemoveUnits(var.t)+","+Wiimote.gx + ", " + Wiimote.gy + ", " + Wiimote.gz)
debug = var.t+', '+wiimote.gx+', '+wiimote.gy+', '+wiimote.gz

The Wiimote, nice n snug so it doesn't jostle around:

My 2.Slow's 0-60 time. 13.5s baby!!

My friend's E46 M3 SMG's 0-60 time

General Accelerometer readings:
When the blue line dips down, I'm making a left turn.
When it jumps up, I'm making a right turn.
When the Yellow line goes up, I'm accelerating.
when it dips down, I'm braking.

pic of my car for kicks:

Modified by klee at 5:26 PM 7-28-2007

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so am i reading correctly that a e46 m3 did 0-60 in about 7 seconds, that needs some fine tuning other than that, keep up the good work http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: (bluebora20v)

Quote, originally posted by bluebora20v »
Great job. Does the Wii remote have RAM or something that you can pull the data from or is it real time data acquisition?

yeah, it feeds the values to the PC in real time.
it didn't take long and I figured there'd be someone else out there who might benefit from the work. besides, it was a great way to learn the graphing feature in Excel for work http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
Oh, as for the M3, we didn't do a proper launch. The revs were pretty bogged down off the line on that run. My co-worker didn't look up the SMG launch controls until after we were done.

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Re: (SanDiegoR1Rider)

Quote, originally posted by SanDiegoR1Rider »
Im really impressed.
Also, really disturbed.
I feel pity for you and your lack of a social life.
I do wish I had a Wii though.

you can play with my wii anytime

no ****.
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