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Wil 18s Fit on my 1996 Golf????????

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I want to get rims pretty soon whenever i get the money to. Well i was thikning since im not gonna get much speed from my 2.0 why not just make it all for show? so i was wondering if it is possible to put 18s on my car.....maybe even 19s
I have also been seeing people talk about offset or something.....what does that mean
??I am thinking about getting Konig Toxxins.....anyone got them???? are they good????
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Re: Wil 18s Fit on my 1996 Golf???????? (DaJuiceizLose)

Don't know much about the Konig wheels.
But, you can fit 18's on your car. Having the right offset and a good width(7.5) will do it. You may need to roll the fenders a bit, but fitting 18's are possible.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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