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I found a fine set of Audi tt wheels, and digging the look. Time to replace tyres...3 different brands as they are way old and one has a nasty goose egg in the sidewall.

It's currently fit with 225/45/17 but I was considering going wider/taller selecting 235/45/17. The online calcs spec this as being approx 3/10ths of an inch taller (25.3" vs 25") and 4/10ths of inch wider (9.3" vs 8.9") in section width. Tread width is as much as 1/2" to 3/10" wider depending on brand/model of tyre and how muscular the shoulder is. These specs on continentals DWS06 and Sport SRS models.

Has anyone here run 235 on these rims (17x7.5 32mm) on a new beetle and did they clear everywhere? Everything visual I can measure on the car would tend to seem they 'would' fit. Yes I have checked the forums, didn't find anything yet, hence why I am asking.

Yes I know it will make it slower, as well as the tyres being a tad heavier. I am more interested in protecting the rim more since this is for my daughter who will be up against curb parking and potholes.

Would really the appreciate any been there done that advice. 2007 beetle convertible as below if it matters.

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