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Will 9.4" vented rotors work on Kelsey Hayes front calipers?

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This might sound like a stupid question, but in the A1 rabbits there are 2 types of front brake calipers - the earlier 9.4" Kelsey-Hayes with solid rotors, and the later 9.4" Girlings with vented rotors.
I have the Kelsey-Hayes, and want to go from a solid to a vented rotor. Is it just a straight swap, or do I ned to get Girling calipers as well?
One other question - it was the 83-84 GTi Rabbits that had the vented 9.4" front rotors, right?
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Re: Will 9.4" vented rotors work on Kelsey Hayes front calipers? (ijcameron)

Well, i think there are actually three manufacturers of calipers used on A1 rabbits- Teves (ATE), Girling and Kelsey Hayes. Various manufacturers where used at different times and produced different kinds of brakes.
However, the situation is less complicated than it sounds. Really there are only two general types- the ones with the small square pads (early cars) and the ones with the larger "banana-shaped" pads (later cars). So first you have to determine which of these you have.If you have the later type then you can easily switch to the vented rotors, however you will also have to change to the thinner 83-84 GTI style pads to accomodate the extra thickness of the rotors. Easy as that.
If you have one of the earlier brake caliper setups with the square pads (often girling or teves) then you will have to swap the whole caliper for a later unit.
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