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Will a 2003 lupo GTI shift knob/boot fit my MK3??

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I want to replace my stock GTI knob and boot by something a bit nicier but want to keep my car the most OEM possible, that's why I'm looking at a Lupo GTi knob and boot. My question is, will it fit my MK3 or I'll have to do some modifications?
I know the immage I took from the web site I'm buying it say it'll fit but I want to make sure it will.
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Re: Will a 2003 lupo GTI shift knob/boot fit my MK3?? (VinceQc)

Yes, it'll fit. You just screw it on and it threads itself.
only thing i can think that might not fit perfectly is the boot since a mk3 is squarish and that one looks round...?
Re: (Vegas_Jetta98)

the bottom is elastic.
Re: (ninetyseven)

So it is just to screw the new knob, replace the boot and you're done? So the difficulty level is something near 0? So I should be able

Just screws right on and the bottom is elastic. No problems at all.
Re: (VinceQc)

A well trained monkey could do this installation. So you should definitley be able to do it on your own.
Re: (VinceQc)

And also, does that seem like a fair price?
Re: (oakers)

Cool, thanks for the replies
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