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Will a'96 seats fit a '89

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Hi all,
Been offered Leather front and back seats from a 96/97 passat for $325,will the front seats fit straight in my 1989 B3 estate.

[Modified by passat16v, 2:10 PM 2-11-2002]
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Re: Will a'96 seats fit a '89 (passat16v)

They should, but take measurements on the seat rails on your 89 and on the 96. If they match (and I don't see why they wouldn't), the seats will fit.
Re: Will a'96 seats fit a '89 (passat16v)

I have B3 seats in my B4 - they are completely interchangeable - especially in Europe where there isn't the stupid automatic seatbelt
Re: Will a'96 seats fit a '89 (passat16v)

Good deal! Do it. I heard there are problems with the door panels, though, if you are doing those.
Re: Will a'96 seats fit a '89 (passat16v)

Not gunna bother with the door panels,can get them made for $55 a panel in Black Leather.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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