We reported last week that William Shatner , who played Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series, was selling his 2004 VW Phaeton at the Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach auction and we can now report that the hammer dropped at $29,700.

Although that number isn’t mind blowing, it’s still a pretty good price for a Phaeton. Prices for second hand Phaetons often struggle to reach five digits.


“It goes against my grain to spend the kind of money on a car that in my more modest-means day I could have bought a house, or actually three houses,” Shatner told Barrett-Jackson before the auction. “So I look for cars like the ones I am selling: a great VW Phaeton—one of the most advanced cars of the world of its time.”

“I am selling [the Phaeton] because I have too many cars and I am ready to go onto another phase,” added Shatner. “I have driven them for years and kept them up meticulously.”

The cachet of owning a car that once belonged to and was autographed by the Captain of the starship Enterprise no doubt played into the high price. The mint condition and desirable W12 engine no doubt also played into the high price.