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Hello All,
Most of you prolly do not know the yard I am writing about. They have been in biz for more than 20 years, in Lexington, OK. Leroy Wilson died more than four years ago, and his daughter Carol has been trying to run it for a better part of that time. Because of a lack of sales among other reasons, the business and/or the bits and pieces are going to go up for auction sometime near the end of June.
The yard in question has a ton of old beetles, and quite a few buses, as well as a very good assortment of water cooled cars through about '94...
The reason I appeal to you all is because I need some ideas on how to let absolutely everyone know that this business is for sale. That being said, if no one decides to buy the yard at that time, they will begin to auction off all the materiale that the yard has accumulated over two decades. There are a lot of good parts still available, and I am attempting to help her make sure the parts make their way to as many good homes as possible. Anything left over after the sale is to be crushed!
The very brief list of inventory that I gathered on a first visit is as follows:
(3) Two-Post Lifts
Several old-fahioned Heavy Duty Floor Jacks
Fairly New Phone System (at least 5 phones)
1966 Beetle Convertible, 18K original miles
1958 or 59 Hardtop Beetle, complete, not pretty
Late Convertible Karmann Ghia, complete, not pretty
Full set of Beetle Baja Wheels, Red, MINT
Snap-On Air Compressor, Upright, the big one, nearly new

Other misceleaneous parts, in the warehouse:
Steering Wheels
Instrument Clusters
Some seats
Transmissions (at least 12)
Enignes (at least 20, no 16Vs)
2 Complete convertible to mechanisms, with top, Cabriolet
Assorted glass
etc., etc., etc.,
There are no A3s or A4s in this collection, they apparently have already been sold...

The methods that I plan to use to contact folks are the following...
1) A large sign in front of the yard itself
2) Putting up notice on as many electronic forums as I can find, including this one. (I could really use some suggestions on what forums to post, especially ones close to Oklahoma)
3) Postcards sent to all previous customers (if she will tolerate that much money spent, including postage)
4) Allegedly she has a contact at HotVWs, and I think I have one at VWTrends, however, there is not enough time to get it into print. They might be able to put it on their websites.
Does anyone else have -any- idea on other methods I might try?
Any and all suggestions are welcome...
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