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Wilwood calipers

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Can some with a 89-92 GTI/GLI measure the bcp of the front caliper holder for me? I am looking into getting these wilwood calipers. I can't measure mine because I have an 88 with the caliper holder cast in with the spindle.
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Re: Wilwood calipers (Superman)

Get 10.1" carriers and order these:
My buddy Ryon has them and swears by them.
I believe you can get them WAY cheaper through Momentum, though.
Sorry if this isn't what you need
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Re: Wilwood calipers (16veebunny)

is it possible to run 10.1 brakes and wilwood calipers? i only wanna run 14" wheels for autocross, and would like to use wilwood calipers
Re: Wilwood calipers (Superman)

so basically you are looking to see if 10.1"s will work with that 3.50 (88.9) mount center? Or what dimesions should I measure.
I can as soon as I go home (prolly round lunch time) I have a full set up sitting on my work bench.
Re: Wilwood calipers (16veebunny)

Stock = 58 LBS
Audi TT upgrade = 61 LBS
RPI 13" upgrade = 33 LBS
those weight #s are pretty amazing. 25lbs lighter!

How much do a pair of wilwood calipers cost, ASSuming they would fit?
Re: Wilwood calipers (Dieder)

What I am after here is to do-it-myself with the stock discs and these calipers, if that is possible.....I have a 16 valver
Re: Wilwood calipers (Superman)

let me know if you get this to work. i am deffently interetsed in running wilwood's with 10.1's
Re: Wilwood calipers (drivrswntd)

I have a set of Porsche 944 Turbo calipers on the way (these are smaller than the "big red" ones). I actually got these for my Beetle but I'm gonna 'size them up' on the Jetta.
Has anyone ever heard of BIRA? They make adapters for mounting Porsche (Brembo) calipers and discs to A3, A4, and some Audis. Well, with an A3 upgrade to an A2 then the BIRA kit, this would get "big reds" on an A2.
http://www.bira.org (I think that's it).
Re: Wilwood calipers (Superman)

Okay, I got the calipers today so I'll fit them up on the front rotors this week. I have the early 88 so I didn't get the 10.1" discs, I think these are 9.4" (correct?) Anyways, what's the width of these discs, the early and late ones.
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