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window regulators

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...but ive got a 2002 gti. before the window regulators dropped the windows the windows, typically the passenger side window would roll itself down when i try to roll it up. the window would reach the top of the door, then go down. when it does this, the automatic rollup would not work for a while. after the window regulators were replaced, they still roll themselves down occassionally. i just took the car to the shop again regarding this problem and they cant find anything. i do have subs in the car, but the problem was happening before they were installed, and is no worse now than it was before their installation.
has anyone out there had repeated problems with their windows at all?
p.s.: the drivers side window rolls down on a VERY rare occassion. my passenger side does it a few times a week. im tired of spending my weekends down at the dealerships trying to get this fixed - ive taken it to both dealerships in town and neither can figure this one out.
any help - suggestions - anything - just please say this is only happening to me!!!
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Re: window regulators (ciscolv)

I am having that problem now on my 1998 GTI and I have had no subs or any kind of stereo or electrical work or anything even requiring removal of the door panel done! When I roll it up, it rolls itself back down.
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