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Window rubber replacement?

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I know im in the wrong forum but does anyone know if or who has MK1 rocco rubber
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Re: Window rubber replacement? (78 2.0 16V rocco)

I bought mine from the local parts dealer for $48 canadian. Anyone got any tips on putting the new rubber in?, I just wanna know what I'm getting into before I start.
Re: Window rubber replacement? (Nickswagen)

I would suggest getting it done professionally. Eurathaning the window rubber in is the best bet against leaks also make extra sure that the cowl is in good shape as they tend to rust out and leak in that area. I have tried this by myself and it is by far better to have someone else do this and provide some sort of protection in the form of a warranty, this is not an area you want to cut corners on as it can lead to nasty electrical failures. Don't just get some local auto glass guy to do it, check around in your local VW community and find someone that comes recommended. I just had my car painted and have spent about $800 dollars on new seals alone. After the painting was done the painter had a local guy put in the front window, turns out the guy was used to the newer style glue in windows and took about 3 hours to put the window in and that was after noticing the corroded window cowl and not mentioning anything about it.. I was not too impressed so i called the more expensive guy and he came over to put the windshield in and would not even touch the car till i had fixed the cowl. I paid quite abit more but i am also guarantied a virtually leak proof windshield.
sorry for the rant

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Re: Window rubber replacement? (nigel)

and then one day nigel is driving behind and 18 wheeler, and this big rock gets thrown up.........
Re: Window rubber replacement? (a1jettagli)

I don't want to spend alot of money because I am just trying to get my window on my 84 gli beater to stop leaking. The car isn't worth $800, I'm just wondering if there are any tips or tricks to this.
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