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windshield wiper fluid nozzles

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Hi all:
I was wondering if anyone else has been having this annoying problem with
the windshield wiper fluid nozzles....
The nozzles seem clogged because I dont quite get the amount of fluid to strike the windshield (when I depress the wiper lever) as I expect.
I checked the nozzles visually and couldnt find anything there. Also, I tried changing the tilt angle of the nozzles to see if that made any difference but that didnt seem to work either. BTW, I changed the tilt angle by just pressing
up and down on the nozzles.. hope thats the way to do it!
Is this a problem or just a VW quirk?
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Re: windshield wiper fluid nozzles (blueSilver)

I'm not familiar with the Passat nozzles (and ours work fine) but the most common problem with them is wax clogging up the holes. On conventional nozzles I've inserted a very small sewing needle in the holes to unclog them. Since, I've learned my lesson and put a piece of masking tape over them when waxing.

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Re: windshield wiper fluid nozzles (blueSilver)

I have the same problem. My fluid does not come spraying out with authority. It seems like the nozzle is clogged.
Re: windshield wiper fluid nozzles (a4passata6)

I don't know if yours are operating properly or not, but just FYI there's not supposed to be a strong stream of fluid. The nozzles are such that the fluid kind of "mists" out so you get good coverage on the windshield. If that's what yours are doing, then that's what they're supposed to do.
If that's not what yours are doing then nevermind
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