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Winter project

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Well I'm about to start my winter project. Since I bought an engine 2 weeks ago I've been planning out everything that needs to be done. I'm gonna tear the engine completely down and have bored to 83mm. P/P heads, 256 cams, extrude honed manifold, Raceware hardware, Polished and balance crank and all the other little goodies.
The motor is gonna be built for a S/C in the near future as soon as this little project is completed. Was wondering if any else has done this work themselves and recommand any shops for prices? I have compiled a decent list that will cost about $5k for the motor work alone. Also was wondering if anyone knows where to get the 12 point- 12mm and 8mm sockect for the heads, cheap? I saw them for about $20 a piece, is that about right? So if everything goes well I'll have a new motor for racing come late spring early summer. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Winter project (QuickBlackGTi)

Autozone carries the tools you need. Sounds interesting. I was also considering doing the extrude honing to my intake, but after posting about prices it seems that the hp/dollar is almost zero. Even with FI. IMO just do the best you can by hand.
Those 12pt bits are a bastard to find. took me a whole day of driving around finally found them at a place called big A autoparts for $6 apiece.
Re: Winter project (NoCYet)

that thing sounds like its going to be fast....how come s/c not turbo?
Re: Winter project (Euro Flavor)

Well the reason I'm going S/C is cause this is also a daily driver. I know I could get a boost contoller and all that but Turbos take a bit more care than a S/C. Anyway, dont wanna get into that debate, but I'm hope for around 300+ once the S/C is on.
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