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Wiper Blades recommendation

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Hey Everybody,
Anybody have any recomeendations for good winter wiper blades. For some reacon I can't get any that work well.

Hopefully somebody out in the midwest has a good rec.
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Re: Wiper Blades recommendation (ThinAirPassat)

According to the new driver's gear catalog there are winter wipers blades for MY '90+ Passat. I asked DrewParts if these worked on the B5, and I still haven't heard a response. I've sent a couple follow up emails, still nothing. Anyone know if they work?
Of course the other recommendation is to get the Volvo adapter and you can then use any aftermarket blade with ease. Or maybe it was Volvo that had a winter blade. I just remember last year at this time, that people were rushing to get the Volvo adapter to use with something.

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Re: Wiper Blades recommendation (shaggymatt)

just go to Pep Boys or your local store, and buy some Bosch ones
Re: Wiper Blades recommendation (ThinAirPassat)

Not sure how well they will hold up throught the entire winter, but I picked up a set of 20" Anco Winter blades (I could not find Bosch winter blades) the other day and installed them. I had problems with frozen slush/ice and the wipers last winter since my car is stored outside. With the rubber boot and thicker blade, these should work fine for the winter. Installation was a snap (literally!)
Because of the way the windshield is shaped, there is a small area on the passenger side wiper that does not contact the windshield, but it makes no difference in visibility.
Hope that helps.
Re: Wiper Blades recommendation (gpchicago)

The VW blades are not much different than what you get at your local discount auto parts store and they are much more expensive. I got some from Checker that work fine.
I don' really like the way any of the winter blades mount with the adaptor. They sit on top of the wiper arm, instead of directly between the arm and the glass. I looked at the VW blades, but they are the same. If you live where it snows, the winter blades are a good idea though.
Re: Wiper Blades recommendation (BoCo4Mo)

Top of the line BOSCH! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Wiper Blades recommendation (andyA6)

Bosch Micro-Edge Excel at Trak Auto are well-rated. I bought a set after reading an excellent review of them.-pd
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