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Wiper probs

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Hi all-
I'm working thru the bugs on my recently purchased 93 GLX.
The wipers done work correctly, here's the deal:
-off position-----they're off
-low position----they work in low
-high position---they work in high
-if I turn them to the off position when they're running, they stop mid-flight right where they are. I can flick them on and off to get them home, tho.
-when I put them into the intermittant position, they move in the low speed.
-when I try to put them into the off position after the intermittant position... they stay running until I first put them into high or low, then off. They still stop mid-flight.

I popped in a relay out of a rabbit (I think it was good), and it did the exact same thing. AFAIK there are only 2 VW wiper relays for the h20 cars- one with programable delay and one with fixed delay...
Do you think its a relay or the switch?
Which relay is it (number marking)... I don't have my Bentley CD yet (anybody got one?)
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Re: Wiper probs (vortexblue)

I'm almost positive that this is what you need:
Part number: 3B0955531
"WIPER RELAY INTERMITTENT " - $25.25 at http://www.vwparts.com
Good luck.
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