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I am new to this forum and I'd like to express my overall satisfaction with a GLS 2002 Passat wagon (52000 miles).
However, there are 2 issues that drive me up the wall:
a) windshield wipers: they streak even using foolproof washer liquid (Water, isopropanol, methanol, ammonia), are very noisy even in heavy rain and become totally incapacitated when there is snow with ice. The stock wiper design is faulty and the only way out to replace the wipers is to install a different arm, capable of supporting other wiper designs. VW should be responsible for that.
b) A yellowish non-removable residue forms especially on the front rims caused by brake dust. I feel that VW should explain how to remove such residues. Ironically those residues are even worse on my GTI 20th AE and again "ironically" the turbo wheels of my 911 C4 stay fairly clean for hundreds of miles after which a simple wash will remove the break dust (Not ceramic breaks!). I've tried several wheel cleaners on the Passat including PS21: waste of money.
I appreciate your suggestions?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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