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Re: Wipers & Brake dust (Carrera 4)

1) your windshield might have some buildup causing the wipers to not work well. I have never had a problem with my wiper/wiperblades.
2) You could try using a light cleaner like the Meguiars Fine Cut cleaner and buff the wheels rigorously to remove the top layer of the clearcoat. Switch to Mintex Red Box pads, sold through Autotech, to vastly reduce brake dust and higher performance. I have had 3-400 miles since the wheels were washed and not a sign of brake dust still. The rear pads, which are originals, has already dusted the wheels. The Red Box pads are better once they warm up. Be sure to follow appropriate bedding-in procedures. The first few stops are scary because the pads still have oils and stuff on the pad surface but the work very well once bedded-in. The stock pads are engineered to have great performance for street driving, but puts out lots of dust. The Mintex are for performance minded drivers and have better fade resistance and much less dust. The Porsche pads are obviously geared towards high performance and therefore uses a material that puts out less dust, like the Mintex pads.

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