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Wiring for best sound, and trunk/spoiler vibration problems

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I have 2 MTX 6000 subwoofers, and and MTX amp. My freind helped me to set it up. He pretended to know what he was doing, but I am just double cheking with the pros.
Right now the left +, and right - is sent to one sub, and the left -, and right + is being sent to another.
The subs are 4 ohm, and the amp can handle as lo as 2 ohm. Is this the best way to get the laudest bass, or is there another way?

Also, the subs sound great in the car, but all you can hear outsid is the rattle of my spoiler and iner lining of the trunk. Both are istalled firmly, but because of their shape, creat a laud banging sound. Any way I can fixthis? Dynomat for trunk? How can I prevent the spoiler from rattling?
Thanks in advance for the replies, its alwaysa help
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