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Workin at GTIPSYCHO's house tonight

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"Honey, whats for dinner tonight?" (look at the pics, you'll see what i mean)
for those that don't know:
Silver GTI in the driveway(with smoked headlights/grille): Me
Yeller bunny: TheYellowRabbit
Silver GTI in the garage: jettagliboy
black mk2 v/ VR in it: Jason(right???)

Here are the pics:

[Modified by Anand20v, 8:36 PM 2-7-2002]
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Re: Workin at GTIPSYCHO's house tonight (Anand20v)

like frank said "Headlight, it's the other white meat."
Re: Workin at GTIPSYCHO's house tonight (theYellowRabbit)

yeah headlights are the other white meat, yo nick thanks for helping me destroy my headlight covers, and props to steve's mom for not killing me when she came home and my car was still in pieces in her garage in her parking spot, anand thanks for taking me to the craft store so i could steal some highly needed tools, uhh, and also anand thanks for helpin me in the begining, i needed that push, word though my passanger side headlight is collecting condensation, so on saturday i am going to pull my bumper off again and reseal the passanger side otherwise, i like this mod and anand i like your black grill that looks tight
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Re: Workin at GTIPSYCHO's house tonight (jettagliboy)

i'm always glad to help tear into other dubber's cars!!! and steve, i need them thar toolz back so i can do my right headlight!!! frank, i think i might need to bum a sheet of that 400 grit to resand my engine cover
Re: Workin at GTIPSYCHO's house tonight (Anand20v)

anand what is this headlights plural junk hahah someone gave your gti a black eye
....... hahaha just playin get that other one done !!
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Re: Workin at GTIPSYCHO's house tonight (jettagliboy)

lol, steve looks like a dork. Steve, thanks for inviting me bee-yotch

Had to work anyways....
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