Modded Euros has announced the arrival of Wortec Cast Alloy Oil Pans for the MK6 and MK7 platform GTI, designed specifically to decrease oil temperature through increasing capacity.  Hanging roughly 7mm lower on MK6 cars and only 3mm lower on MK7s, the Wortec Oil Pans also help with oil starvation, which is an inherent issue with the cars during high G cornering.

Read the full release below.

Modded Euros is happy to announce they are the first to carry the Wortec Cast Alloy Oil Pans for the MK6 and MK7 GTI. This aftermarket option has an increased oil capacity of 1L over the OEM oil pan and it’s design allows you to run lower oil temperatures of 8-15 degrees C while also maintaining stable oil pressure during cornering.

In comparison to the OEM oil pan found in the MK6, this aftermarket option sits only slightly closer to the ground (~7mm) on the MK6 and ~3mm on the MK7 platform.

Although these new pans will help with oil starvation which is common in these cars under high G loads, this is not a cheaper solution to the dry sump which has its own advantages.

These pans are available at and ship for free in the United States. For any international orders, please email [email protected]