[photos: Si Gray]

Coming out of the first unofficial weekend of Worthersee Treffen, the crowd has actually dissipated a bit, a change welcomed by our own Si Gray and the dedicated few who enjoy the relative calm before thousands upon thousands descend on the town.  With less congestion clogging the streets, Si took the opportunity to head outside of town to nearby Schiefling for a change of scenery before heading back to a decidedly less packed Reifnitz in the late afternoon.  Even though the traffic has dissipated a bit, Si still describes the traveling situation after dark as 'a nightmare.'


Looking through the images, you’re sure to spot some new faces and some from previous days.  While we're still quite a few days away from the main event, we feel pretty safe in calling the trends for this year- Liveries, Ferrari wheels, and reverse-mounted three-piece rollers.


As usual, the majority of builds seen at Worthersee achieve a level of detail that is seldom seen on this side of the Atlantic.  The European enthusiasts have an uncanny knack for leaving no panel untouched while still retaining a stock feel.  Even those which have been widened or seen an extensive amount of shaving and tucking still have an OEM-quailty aesthetic.


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