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Wow New Problem

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OK some thign I 've not yet to see happened, my sun roof(moon roof?) opens a bit when the dial is in the middle(close position)
It shuts close when turned one click!! what's wrong? I tryed closing ti with my keys from out side but it opens up again....
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Re: Wow New Problem (phanz21)

sorry about being not so clear.
OK start from beginning. i'm driving my car with the roof wide open(then I decide to close it. it slowly closes it self and stops leaving a 2~3 inch open .
so in curiosity I open it the other way.(vent open) and it closes completely before opening.
so now i drive around with the roof dial one click more than the closed position.
how was that? U know what i'm talking about now?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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