Never underestimate the dedication of a Star Wars fan.  Armed with a measuring tape, a computer with some graphic design programs and about 50 hours of free time, Instructables community member 'mimaki cg60' has converted the family Bus into a rolling representation of Luke Skywalker's faithful droid.


The graphic was created by mimaki through use of a high-resolution blueprint image sourced online, and a healthy amount of Photoshopping to create each surface object and perform color correction.


As for application, mimaki says it was quite tedious.  Made more difficult by a hot Brazilian summer, mimaki and friends decided to split the vinyl into sections rather than applying it in sheets, as commonly done in the vinyl wrapping industry.  Unfortunately for the team, mimaki has left Brazil for his new home in California, so the project currently remains just shy of completion.  Still, no one can doubt the dedication of the artists involved.

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