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Here is my review of my coilovers set.
Installed them last weekend and waited for them to settle before doing a review.

First of all, shipping.

It took about a week for them to arrive to my house and considering I am from QUebec Canada, I think it is pretty good. The box it came in was really well packed aswell as the stuff in it. They even sent me candies lol.

The install

And there is the final product
Front : No helper springs, all the way down, 23 1/8 ftg
Rear: Perches in, 5 thread left, 22 1/2

Im pretty sure you can go even lower by grinding the 1/8 lip at the bottom of the front struts but in my opinion I am low enough lol.

Ride quality

Pretty good actually! For an entry coilover system I am surprised by the ride. Not too soft, not too stiff and not bouncy at all. They take the holes, cracks, bumps and whatever the road throw at you with ease. I went on a 600 km trim this weekend and I enjoyed every second behind the steering wheel. My gf even said it wasnt so bad considering the ride height which in my opinion means it is awesome hahaha

I ordered my set here : http://wrdusa.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=wrdusa&Product_Code=100A5690&Category_Code=

Feel free to ask any question you want!
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